Team Kongdoo is an E-Sports professional game club under Kongdoo Company

Team Kongdoo which is an E-SPORTS professional game club of Kongdoo Company has an objective to develop into an all-round E-Sportainer with both skills and star quality based on the competence and experience from head coach/coach and E-SPORTS director qualified on League of Legends, Overwatch, PUBG, DOTA2.

There are various types of games but on Team Kongdoo, all the players within the team gather up on the same place to reside/practice while sharing each other’s experiences to develop into players who will lead the E-SPORTS under the name TEAM KONGDOO.

Benefits for the affiliated players

Team Kongdoo acts financial support on residence and overall life for the players to focus only on the practice itself within a pleasant environment. We provided practice room per team for them to look over the practice situation in real-time, constructed monitoring room where they can set the strategy after analyzing the match VOD together, and acquired competition system between team 1 and team 2, to maximize the individual skills of the player to manage a unique system where precise judgement and feedback is available.


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