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Successful partnership with KONGDOO

  • ZOWIE Gear

    The foremost strong company on FPS gaming monitor BenQ and Zowie supports Team Kongdoo’s monitor and game gears etc. They are the brother-like partner who proceeds with us together step by step by assisting Team Kongdoo players to achieve better performances through BenQ Zowie equipment.

  • Abijou

    Abijou clinic that cares for the customer with love from beginning to the end, is somewhat alike the mindset Kongdoo Company has for the fans. They provide dermatology treatment and cosmetics to Team Kongdoo players and are sharing various benefits to Kongdoo Eyes fans as well.


    The company is supporting the pleasant game environment of Kongdoo Company with gaming gear that grafts design, idea, and convenience. Including the effort to provide the most comfortable chair, desk, and gaming gear to Team Kongdoo players, they are pioneering the E-Sports market along with Kongdoo Company in various fields.


    It is a company that produces and sells premium handmade snacks for pet dogs and is working together with E-Sportainment representative company Kongdoo Company since 2017.

  • Yonsei Sarang Hospital

    Its ideology of establishment, ‘Recovery and the 2nd enjoyable life’ is similar to the ideology Kongdoo Company is willing to provide to the fans through E-SPORTS. Currently the hospital is taking care of the illness on Team Kongdoo player’s wrist, waist, and neck and is also providing various benefits to Kongdoo Eyes fans as well.

  • Kyungmin Univ.

    Kyunmin University raises human being, the catch phrase that represents Kyungmin University is the most adequate catch phrase for Kongdoo Company’s direction. The partnership begun with the ASL Season 4 2017 and we are doing various business utilizing E-Sports such as Team Kongdoo sponsorship etc.



Information on methods to accomplish various businesses with Kongdoo Company

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