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Kongdoo Company's VOD Contents are mighty

Based on the high comprehension of E-Sports, we create VODs that are not just edited or produced simply, but that give joy and touched feelings just like watching the live streaming

  • STEP01.Basic

    Basic for VOD

  • 01.Trand

    Just as there is a meta that is popular within the game, a trend exists on every VODs. Kongdoo Company absorbs the domestic and international trend rapidly, which enables us to produce contents that the consumers ask for

  • 02.Skill

    A magnificent artisan creates a perfect result he or she wants regardless of the equipment it uses through proficient skills. Kongdoo Company spares no investments on technology education and knowledge education of the VOD-specialized labor force

  • 03.Fun

    In modern VOD market, quick or solid contents are the only contents that survive instead of long contents. Consumers are not willing to wait in this busy world. Kongdoo Company presents the fun that the consumers ask for based on the experience and skills we developed through time

VOD Contents Portfolio

VOD contents that Kongdoo Company produced/planned


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