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From 2017, Kongdoo Company concluded the contract with SKT T1 regarding global live streaming and is supporting the global live streaming of the players within Team Kongdoo
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Live content is a technology intensive, combined solution that only Kongdoo Company owns

Early live streaming was processed through software provided from the platform simply with PC for broadcast, webcam, and a microphone. This is a fact that still takes place on domestic broadcasting platform. However, if we are to broadcast to various streaming platforms around the world with a single video, various matters are necessary. Kongdoo Company owns an exclusive, specialized team for successful global live streaming who have lowered the uncertainty through various trials and tests from 2014 to the status quo.

Kongdoo Company Live Contents is run with a goal of systematic integration between streaming and the linkage of the streaming.

  • STEP01.Basic system

    Basic of the basic

  • 01.Writing broadcast planning

    Kongdoo Company and the client directly establish a plan together on how to broadcast for a certain objective.

  • 02.Streaming education

    We educate or deliver the information on problems people face while conducting the streaming and operation method along with the various examples to the relevant streamer

  • 03.Deciding the broadcast platform

    We decide the final platform to broadcast and organize the basic system following the decided platform

  • STEP02.Streaming settings

    Preparation for an actual live streaming

  • 01.Basic streaming settings

    We prepare the basic necessary equipment that a streamer requires for its streaming(PC, camera for the stream, microphone etc.), and we prepare the settings to stop the possibility of various problems during the stream such as delayal problem

  • 02.Setting for the simultaneous broadcast

    We construct and set the broadcasting equipment for streaming to enable the simultaneous broadcasting of a single video source on various platforms

  • 03.Education on utilizing the broadcasting equipment

    We educate the method on taking control of the set equipment relevant to the broadcast and educate the streamer on how to check the chats/donations/gifts during the simultaneous broadcast

  • STEP03.Conducting the broadcast

    Beginning and feedback

  • 01.Real-time monitoring

    When you participate on the Kongdoo Company's global live streaming solution, you will be able to deal with sudden issues or other improvable points by monitoring all the streams affiliated to Kongdoo Company on a real-time basis

  • 02.Request&Feedback

    A live PD who belong to Kongdoo Company will be designated per every client to allow the client to discuss inquiries that arose on the field or other various problems right away

  • 03.Analytics

    Kongdoo Company's global live streaming proceeds analytics service to the clients by checking and analyzing the statistics of the monthly broadcast to enable the client to come up with the most efficient broadcasting plan.


    Creating added value

  • 01.YouTube contents

    After a streamer finishes its stream, the procedures are not over. We re-edit the VOD based on the contents of the stream and upload it on YouTube

  • 02.Managing YouTube

    Kongdoo Company organizes and manages the client's YouTube regarding calculation of the profit, solving copyright issue, and VOD upload schedule exclusively. Additionally, we provide design factors(Channel art, profile, thumbnail etc.) by designing directly다

  • 03.Managing other global platform

    Kongdoo Company is possible to organize and manage VOD contents ran on each platform apart from YouTube


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