League start with KONGDOO

Kongdoo Company's core, E-Sports

Kongdoo Company is possible to imprint the brand image of Kongdoo Company/Sponsor enterprise and create profit through sponsor by hosting major game league on LOL, Hearthstone, Overwatch etc, for over 4 times annually. Additionally, Kongdoo Company is able to conduct league business plan by utilizing the professional Team Kongdoo that is invested/managed directly by Kongdoo Company

From idea to planning, planning to hosting!

In order to host a large scale game league, it requires the effort of countless labor force and solid planning from the preparation stage. That is why it is even easier to create amazing results with a professional team who have experienced and hosted E-Sports league

  • 2018.02ASL Season5

  • 2017.10ASL Season4

  • 2017.04ASL Season3

  • 2016.11ASL Season2

  • 2016.05ASL Season1

  • 2015.10VANT36.5 Grand national StarLeague

  • 2015.08MSI WSL SEASON3

  • 2015.04LotteWorld
    Night Party

  • 2014.12HungryApp
    Stars League
    With KONGDOO

  • 2014.08Kongdoo Stars Party
    in China

  • 2014.02Kongdoo Star
    Final 4

High understanding and qualified league competency

About 4 times annually, the E-Sports league planned/managed by Kongdoo Company provide the gamers an opportunity to make themselves shine by showing the skills they own and provide the common consumers a festival where they could enjoy E-Sports

Many years of experiences, successful league hosting

Executives and staff members of Kongdoo Company own various experiences and skills within the E-Sports industry. With these basic abilities, Kongdoo Company is ready to host stable and successful league


Information on methods to accomplish various businesses with Kongdoo Company

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