Type of Talent

Talented Human Resource

A person who knows how to achieve the goal with creative thinking

Kongdoo is seeking for a person who can think outside of the original common idea. Within the game and E-Sports market that changes rapidly, we are seeking for an active person who lets go of the stereotype and thinks of new idea


A person who wishes to make E-Sports into an another culture

Kongdoo seeks for a person who loves E-Sports and who has a vision of settling E-Sports into a new culture. We require a person who is willing to create a new culture that can bring joy and happiness to anyone and everyone while escaping from the negative cognition regarding the game from the past


Passionate amateur over indolence professional>

Kongdoo requires a talented person who puts constant effort on raising its professionality regarding E-Sports. We require a challenging person who always works with desire, who always works joyfully, and who works with a mindset to become the best through endless learning


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