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Kongdoo Company starts by making the value of the gamer to shine at its brightest.
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Company introduction of KONGDOO

KONGDOO introduction (.PDF)

Since its establishment on March 2014, we are the company that leads E-Sports market in Republic of Korea until now by bringing and hosting various types of game competitions. Additionally, we are expanding the field of business through active activities such as participating on Google for Entrepreneur Exchange 2015 as a ROK representative where startup community from 125 countries globally participated etc.

The company that realizes the dream of E-SPORTS

The crews with immense strength and talent are advancing for each one’s dream and goal. Kongdoo company organizes and manages the broadcasting system for such crew and even focuses on individual welfare of the crew for them to focus only on the broadcasting itself.

The company where talented people gather up to draw their dream

Kongdoo Company’s executives and staff members are organized with talented people who fulfill their task earnestly and improve on their own at the same time. The executives and staff members who draw their individual dream on a big sheet of paper are the representatives of each business who lead the company along with the crews.

The company where people create their dreams

Every business criteria that Kongdoo Company executes eventually exist to give over more entertainment and joy to everyone who consumes the contents ultimately. This mindset is the biggest driving force on precisely pointing and utilizing the contents that consumers demand.

Date of establishment

March 18th, 2014


Seo, Kyung Jong

Type of business


Business status

Advertisement, planning, production of various pro-gamers etc.

Main number

+82 2-863-1221


Design For E-Sports

E-Sportainment is the keyword that symbolizes Kongdoo

As a compound word of E-Sports + Entertainment, based on the skills the original E-Sports players possess, we raise and support the entertainment factors to develop them in a global scale.


Turquoise is the color of Kongdoo Company.

Turquoise in Greek means beautiful stone, and means success and victory in Persian.
The stone that brings luck and success to its owner is the closest to the meaning that Kongdoo seeks for and is the color that represents the feelings of executives and staff members, various crew members, and everyone when encountering Kongdoo Company.

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The symbol of Team Kongdoo symbolized the eye of a leopard.

Kongdoo Company owns the ability to experience and professionally control E-SPORTS. Unlike the simple management of professional team by just sponsoring them, we create the differentiation by caring for the team directly and the having the management method based on strategical judgment and experience

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Information on methods to accomplish various businesses with Kongdoo Company

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